Long Term Care

For patients who require long-term care, Wardell Gardens provides superior health maintenance in a setting that can best be described as a home away from home.

Our stellar staff is especially sensitive to the unique needs and concerns of geriatric and other long term residents. Our building is designed to facilitate easy ambulating and mobility, so that residents can retain a greater sense of independence. Doctors, nurses, aides, dietitians, and therapists work as a team, creating a customized care plan to suit the needs of each resident. Evolving challenges and needs are regularly monitored, and care plans are adjusted accordingly. Extra love and attention is given to Alzheimer's and dementia patients. A special recreational program is specifically designed to enhance their cognitive function and quality of life. For those in advanced stages, Wardell Gardens provides sensory therapies, such as aromatherapy and audiovisual projections of soothing scenes, proven to have a remarkably therapeutic effect.